Generic Name : Pirfenidone
Category : Respiratory Drugs
Company Name : Cipla Ltd
Dosage Form : 30 TABLETS
Strength : 200mg


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Medicine Overview of Pirfenex

Uses of Pirfenex Tablet

Pirfenex 200mg  is type of classification called pyridines which is indicated for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis known as lungs scarring with unknown cause.

Pirfenex 200mg working mechanism to treat IPF is not known exactly.

Side effects of Pirfenex Tablet

Pirfenex 200mg may cause common or serious side effects as follows:

Common side effects: heartburn, stomach ache, sinuses tenderness, insomnia, joint pain , weight loss

Serious effect: unusual bleeding, decreased appetite, brown colored urine, tenderness in right upper stomach, flu- like symptoms, jaundice

How to use Pirfenex Tablet

Before providing treatment with pirfenex, monitor the liver function test.

Pirfenex recommended dose in adult is 801mg three times a day with food for a total of 2403mg/day.

Administer the dose at the same time each day.

Before the starting of treatment dosage variation over a 14 day periods as follows:

Days 1 through 7 – 267 mg thrice daily (801mg/ day)

Days 8 through 14 – 534 mg thrice daily (1602 mg/day)

Days 15 onwards – 801mg thrice daily (2403 mg/day)

OVERDOSE: If multiple dose of pirfenex administer  upto 4806 mg/day as 6 capsules thrice daily to healthy person over a time of 12 days escalation period were observed that mild, transient, and consistent adverse reaction for pirfenex.

If overdose occur  then provide supportive medical care including monitoring of vital signs and checking of clinical status of patient.

How to Pirfenex Tablet works:

Exact mechanism of action for the treatment of IPF is not fully established.

Pirfenex 200mg may be related to the properties of  antifibrotic, anti- inflammatory and antioxidant drugs such as

Prevents the activation of transforming growth factor-β in which profibrotic, proinflammatory cytokine plays a role in differentiation of fibroblast.

Pirfenex possesses antioxidant activitywhich mostly shown scavenge reactive oxygen species involves the hydroxyl radicals and superoxide anion inside the species.

Absorption: Pirfenex precise bioavailability is not known, time of peak plasma concentration is 0.5 hours.

Effect of food : Pirfenex with food compared  the fasting state systemic exposure will decrease by 16 % and tmax by 2.5 hours.

Distribution: human serum plasma concentration is 58%

Metabolism: In liver is metabolized by CYP1A2 (70-80%) and pharmacologically inactive metabolite is 5- carboxy – piefenidone.

Elimination: excreted via urine 80% and half life is 3 hours.

In Depth Information on Pirfenex Tablet:

Expert Advice for Pirfenex Tablets

  • Hepatic toxicity – intiate the liver function test before starting treatment with Pirfenex for first 6 months nd every 3 months

  • Photosensitivity – risk of rash and other reactions may occur, sunscreen and protective clothing, limit exposure to sunlight is important. and rash and photosensitivity  reaction should be reported immediately.

  • Gastrointestinal disorders: clinical studies shown nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dyspepsia, diarrhea GERD wre frequently observed while on treatment with pirfenex then in those taking placebo. Inform your doctor, dosage modification is important in case of GI adverse reaction.

Special Warnings of Pirfenex Tablets


Pirfenex 200mg interaction with alcohol is unknown. Please consult with the doctor.


Category C :Animal studies have revealed an adverse reaction and there are no sufficient studies in pregnant women but probably use the drug with caution in pregnant women possibly show against risks.


 Pirfenex 200mg is excreted into breast milk taking account on this, discussion should done on whether to discontinue the breast feeding or the drug. Use of drug is contraindicated during breastfeeding. It is unclear the effect of new born babies.


Pirfenex 200mg will affect the ability of driving due to its side effects like dizzy, sleepy, tried or decreased alertness Avoid driving unless you feeling well.


Pirfenex 200mg is not recommended in patients with severe renal disease, and limited data is available on the tablets used with caution in mild, moderate kidney problem,  dose adjustment is necessary .Please consult doctor.


 The patient with severe liver disease is not recommended with Pirfenex 200mg. Limited information of the drug and use with caution in mild to moderateliver disease. Dose adjustment is needed. Please consult with doctor.

Missed Dosage

If any doses missed by you, administer the dose as soon as possible you remember, If it is near to next dose then skip the missed dose and follow the regular schedule. Avoid taking 2 dose or extra dose at a time. If you not able to follow regular dose schedule, keep an alarm to remind your dose schedule. Please consult the doctor for any dose schedule changes or new schedule for equally missed dose.


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Brand Name : <--------------------> Pirfenex
Category : <--------------------> Respiratory Drugs
Sub Category :<--------------------> Pirfenidone
Company Name :<--------------------> Cipla Ltd
Ingeridents(Generic Name) :<--------------------> Pirfenidone
Tablets :<--------------------> 30 TABLETS
Package :<--------------------> 3x10
Strength :<--------------------> 200mg




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