Category : Anti-Cancer Drugs
Sub Category : Erlotinib
Brand name : Erlonat
Generic Name : Erlotinib
Company Name : Hetero
Tablets : 30 TABLETS / Package : 1X30
Strength : 150mg


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Medicine Overview of Erlonat Tablet

Uses of Erlonat Tablet

Erlonat is indicated with combination with gemcitabine for the treatment of pancreatic cancer which will spread throughout the body and tissue that cannot be treated with surgery.

Erlonat is also used to treat certain types of non-small cell lung cancer in patients who have already taken treatment with another chemotherapy drug but failed to cure.

Side effects of Erlonat Tablet

Erlonat 150mg has serious adverse reaction as follows:

  1. Kidney failure

  2. Myocardial Infarction

  3. Bleeding in patient taking warfarin

  4. Cerbrovascular accident

  5. Gastrointestinal proliferation

  6. Hepatotoxicity with or without hepatic impairment

  7. interstitial lung disease

  8. ocular discomfort

  9. Hemolytic anemia with thrombocytopenia

  10. Exfoliative skin disorders.

How to use Erlonat Tablet

Erlonat is administer in tablet form to be consume by mouth at least one hour before or two hours after eating. The tablets are supplied in 25mg, 100mg and 150mg strengths.

Non-small cell lung cancer: Analysing of EGFR mutation testing before Erlonat treatment. Dose prescribed 150mg one tablet  taken 1hour or 2 hour after the meal.

Pancreatic cancer: Erlonat dose of 100mg combination with gemcitabine ( 1hr or 2hr after the meal). Requirement of dose adjustment  to reduce in 50mg steps.

Erlonat tablet used on an empty stomach 1hr before or 2hr after the digestion of food. Swallow the tablet via orally. Avoid concomitant use of proton pump inhibitor with Erlonat tablet.

Hepatic impairment:  Based on severe adverse reaction occurs the dose reduction of Erlonat is studied in patient with severe hepatic impairment.

Erlonat exposure will be reduced in cigarette smoking patient

If any gastric problem with Erlonat then take it 10 hrs after H2 receptor or before 2hrs of next antacid dose

Safety and efficacy has not established in renal impairment, pregnancy use.

In pediatric: Safety and efficacy is not established <18years.

IF OVERDOSAGE OCCURS: Erlonat with overdose the symptoms of diarrhea, rash and liver transminase elevation occurs then urgent symptomatic and supportive treatment required.

How to Erlonat Tablet works:

          In the body, certain cells  grow and multiply in a way that is 'out of control' means cancer. Erlonat interfere with the cells grow and increase in number. Erlonat works by preventing certain enzymes called tyrosine kinases that are needed for the transmitting the chemical signals which is require for essential processes like cell division and replication in cancer cells. Which in turn erlonat blocks the cancer cells from growing and increasing in number.

          ABSORPTION: Erlonat 60% absorbed and  bioavailability is subsequently increased by food (100%). Peak  plasma level about 4 hours after dosing.

            DISTRIBUTION: Erlonat bounded to plasma albumin protein and alpha-1acid glycoprotein is approximately 93%.

            METABOLISM: Erlonat 150 mg tablet mainly metabolized by CYP3A4 and to a lesser action by CYP1A2, and the extrahepatic isoform CYP1A1. Steady state plasma concentration of Erlonat is about 7-8 days.

             EXCRETION: Erlonat eliminated in feces 83%  and 8% in urine and half life of 36.2 hours.91% is recovered dose.

In Depth Information on Erlonat Tablet:

Expert Advice for Erlonat Tablets

  •  If you are allgeric to the Erlonat or any other medicine, immediately inform your doctor.

  • While taking Erlonat,Inform your doctor about previously taking medicine involved in prescription and non prescription, over the counter, vitamins, herbal, nutritional supplements.

  • Antacid should consume several hours before and after the drug Erlonat.

  • On treatment of Erlonat, avoid becoming pregnant for a month after final dose. Consult with doctor because Erlonat may affect the fetus.

  • Due to use Erlonat, skin problem occurs for protection use mild alcohol free moisturizer.

Special Warnings of Erlonat Tablets


While taking Erlonat, alcohol interaction is unknown. Please consult with doctor.


     Based on side effects there is positive evidence of human fetal risk In pregnant women use of Erlonat 150mg  may be gain acceptable against the risk means if the drug is used in a life-threatening situation are ineffective.


On treatment with Erlonat 150mg, breastfeeding is not recommended because unknown reason in animal milk and affects the nursing infants.


Erlonat 150mg tablet alters the ability to drive is unknown. If you experience any symptoms that affect your ability to concentrate then avoid driving unless you feeling well


Erlonat 150mg tablet is safe to use with kidney problem patients. No dose adjustment is required. In severe kidney disease patients use of Erlonat is not advisable.


No dosage adjustment required in patients with baseline mild liver disease. Avoid using of  Erlonat 150mg while patients with baseline severe hepatic impairment . Dose adjustment may be required. Please consult with your doctor.


Missed Dosage

 The drug dose is missed, then take the drug dose as soon as possible. If next dose time arrived then skip the missed dose and continue the routine schedule. Avoid taking extra dose or 2 dose at one time. Please consult your doctor for further clarification

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Category: --------------------Anti-Cancer Drugs
Sub Category:-------------------- Erlotinib
Brand name:-------------------- Erlonat
Ingeridents(Generic Name) :-------------------- Erlotinib
Package:-------------------- 30 TABLETS/1X30
Strength :-------------------- 150mg




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