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Sub Category : Nilotinib
Brand name : Tasigna
Generic Name : Nilotinib
Company Name : Hetero
Tablets : 28 Tablets / Package : 4X7
Strength : 150mg


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Medicine Overview of Tasigna Tablet

Uses of Tasigna Tablet

Tasigna is used for the treatment of certain types of chronic myeloid leukemia ( cancer in WBC)in adults and children 1 year of age and older who has disease could not be treated successfully with other tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment.

Tasigna  indicated for treatment of  some types of chronic myaleiod  leukemia who has disease could not be treated successfully with imatinib (Gleevec) or adults who cannot take imatinib.

Tasigna  is an kinase inhibitor  and  works by inhibiting the action of the abnormal protein that signals cancer cells to multiply. This helps to block or slow the spread of cancer cells.

Side effects of Tasigna Tablet

Common side effects:



Loss of appetite



Dry or reddened skin

Night sweats

Muscle cramps

Serious side effects:

Unusual bleeding

Bloody urine

Bloody stools

Chest discomfort

Pale skin

Yellow of the skin

Pain sensation in legs

How to use Tasigna Tablet

Tasigna capsule administrated  twice daily at an interval of 12 hours.

No food should consume at least 2 hours before the dose and 1 hour after the dose.

When Tasigna  combination of hematopoietic growth factor administred  such as erythropoietin and with hydroxyurea,

Tasigna must be given on empty stomach.

Newly diagnosed Ph+CML-CP recommended dose is 300mg orally two times a day

Resistant Ph+CML-CP and CML-AP recommended dose is 400mg orally two times a day.

OVERDOSAGE: When unknown number of Tasigna capsule were ingested in combination with alcohol and other drugs symptoms involves in neutropenia, vomiting, drowsiness. No ECG changes or hepatotoxicity  were observed.

How to Tasigna Tablet works:

Tasigna Capsules is a BCR-ABL kinase inhibitor.

 Tasigna  manage and link to  the inactive conformation of the kinase domain of ABL protein. 

Tasigna which  prevents the  BCR-ABL mediated replication of murine leukemic cell lines and human cell lines that derived from patients with Ph+ CML.

Under the conditions of the assays, Tasigna Capsules was able to defeated imatinib resistance resulting from BCR-ABL kinase mutations, in 32 out of 33 mutations tested.

In vivo, Tasigna Capsules  decrease the tumor size in a murine  BCR-ABL xenograft model.

Tasigna  prevents the autophosphorylation of these kinases at IC50 values as indicated:

         CSF-1R (125 to 250 nM) , BCR-ABL (20 to 60 nM), DDR1 (3.7 nM), PDGFR (69 nM), , and c-KIT (210 nM).

Absorption: Bioavailability of Tasgina capsule is 50% approx and peak plasma concentration is 3 hours.

Effect of food: while administrating in fasted state the systemic exposure increased by 82% compared to given 30 minutes after a  high fat meal. Hence the drug is more effective in empty stomach.

Distribution: Plasma protein binding is 98%.

Metabolism : Tasigna metabolized through CYP3A4 – mediated and to a minor extent by CYP2C8.

Excretion : More than 90% administered dose was eliminated within  7 days and via feces 93% .

In Depth Information on Tasigna Tablet:

Expert Advice for Tasigna Tablets

  • Inform  doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to tasigna  or, any another drugs, or any of the ingredients in tasigna tablets.

  • Inform the  doctor if you have hepatic carcinoma  and getting treatment with carboplatin  and paclitaxel  or gemcitabine  and cisplatin . The doctor will prohibits  not to take tasigna if you have lung cancer and you are getting  these medications.

  • Inform the doctor about the  herbal supplements you are taking,

  • Inform the doctor before taking tasigna that having high blood pressure, bleeding problems, chest discomfort, cardiac disease, kidney disease other than kidney cancer, or liver disease.

  • While using this medicine, the fertility in men is decreased. So discuss with doctor about the risk of medicine

  • Inform the  doctor if you are breast-feeding or plan to breast-feed. Avoid  breast-feed while on treatment with tasigna.

Special Warnings of Tasigna Tablets


There is not data available on alcohol interaction with tasigna 150mg capsule. Please consult the doctor.


Tasigna 150mg capsules may affect the baby in womb of mother. During  treatment with tasigna its  Important to avoid pregnancy or father for a child atleast 2 weeks afterwards. Please consult with the doctor about more effective contraception before starting treatment.


Tasigna 150mg drug excreted through breast milk, so during treatment avoid pregnancy.


Avoid driving while using the Tasigna 150mg drug due to drug make you feel drowy, dizzy.


Tasigna 150mg capsule is safe to use in patient having kidney problem. Limited data are only available. Dose adjustment may not be needed. Please consult with the doctor .


Tasigna  150mg may lead to risk  in liver problems. In past people had liver problem will cause severe liver disease with tasigna. Please consult with your doctor before treatment  

Missed Dosage

The drug dose is missed, then take the drug dose as soon as possible. If next dose time arrived then skip the missed dose and continue the routine schedule. Avoid taking extra dose or 2 dose at one time. Please consult your doctor for further clarification.

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Category: --------------------Anti-Cancer Drugs
Sub Category:-------------------- Nilotinib
Brand name:-------------------- Tasigna
Ingeridents(Generic Name) :-------------------- Nilotinib
Package:-------------------- 28 Tablets/4X7
Strength :-------------------- 150mg




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