Generic Name : Everolimus
Category : Anti-Cancer Drugs
Company Name : Biocon Pharma Ltd
Dosage Form: 10 tablets
Strength : 10mg


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Medicine Overview of Evertor Tablet

Uses of Evertor Tablet

Evertor 10mg is indicated for combination treatment with exemestane for advanced breast cancer in postmenopausal women  which failure of anastrozole and letrozole therapy.

Evertor 10mg  is also used for the treatment of certain  advanced neuroendocrine tumors of pancreatic, gastrointestinal or lung origin. After failure of treatment with sunitinib  for renal cell carcinoma(RCC) Evertor treatment is used.

Side effects of Evertor Tablet

Seek medical help immediately If you observe any of the following signs of an allergic reaction.

  • Allergic reaction: difficulty breathing or swallowing; swelling of the face,lips,tongue or throat,severe itching of the skin
  • Signs of infections:increased temperature,chills
  • Signs of lung inflammation: pneumonitis
  • Signs of diabetes: Excessive thirst, high urine output,tiredness
  • Sign of kidney failure: severe decreased urine output
  • Haemorrhage
  • Shortness of breath (rare patients)
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Inflammation of esophagitis

How to use Evertor Tablet

  • Evertor tablet prescribed dose is 10mg/day, If patient had any  liver problems then dose reduction required according to severity (2.5,5 or 7.5mg/day).

  • Always administer the drug according to the doctor’s advice.

  • Take Evertor 10mg once a day at same time every day constantly either with or without food.

  • Chewing or crushing of evertor tablet is not recommended, Swallow  it with a glass of water.

OVERDOSAGE: Evertor has limited with overdose reported, If overdose occurs stop the drug and provide general supportive measures or seek to emergency department o call poison control helpline.

How to Evertor Tablet works:

Evertor  10mg is an inhibitor of mTOR. It prevents and stops the  translation of genes which includes cancer cells reproduction. Evertor lowers the levels of certain cell growth factor that involved in the new blood vessels i.e vascular endothelial growth factor(VEGF)

ABSORPTIONS: Rapid absorption from the GI tract. Evertor can used with or without food. After oral administration of dose ranging from 5mg to 70mg the peak plasma concentration is 1-2hrs.

DISTRIBUTION: Evertor given 10mg/day, the bounding of plasma protein is approx 74% both in healthy patients and patient with moderate liver impairment.

METABOLISM: Evertor is a substrate of CYP3A4 and Pgp. Six metabolites has been detected in human blood.i.e three monohydroxylated metabolite, two hydrolytic ring opened products, and a phosphatidylcholine. Evertor inhibits metabolism of CYP3A4.

ELIMINATION: Evertor excreted via feces 80% and urine 5% and the elimination half life is 30hrs.

In Depth Information on Evertor Tablet:

Expert Advice for Evertor Tablets

  • Any kind of immunization or vaccination should avoided unless your doctor's approval while administrating everolimus.
  • Inform your Consltants if you are pregnant or planning to  pregnant before  starting the treatment
  • In women and partner men: avoid conceive a child (get pregnant) while taking evertor. Take doctor consult for safe pregnant and conceive a child by using contraceptive methods.
  • Due to severe adverse reactions in the new born baby, breast-feeding is not recommended.
  • Avoid using live vaccine during evertor treatment, it could develop serious infection.
  • While using evertor avoid exposure of sunlight, It may lead to risk of skin cancer. So wear protective clothing or sunscreen cream.

Special Warnings of Evertor Tablets


Evertor 10mg interaction with alcohol is not known. Please consult with your doctor.


Category C: Evertor 10mg is not recommended during pregnancy because It harm an unborn baby. Consult the doctor  whether your pregnant or planning to be pregnant, he will discuss whether is medicine is suitable  during pregnancy.


When use of Evertor breast feeding is not recommended.  Excretion in human milk is unknown and the drug effects in the nursing infant is unknown. Women should be advise not to be breastfeed during therapy and for 2 weeks after the last dose


Evertor 10mg has common side effect of fatigue, it may affect the ability of driving. Avoid driving until you are feeling well.  Please  consult with your doctor.


Evertor 10mg tablet is safe to use in patients with mild moderate  kidney disease. No dosage adjustment required for patients. In patients with severe kidney disease limited use with caution.


No dosage adjustment required in patients with baseline mild liver disease. Avoid using of  Evertor 10mg while patients with baseline severe hepatic impairment . Dose adjustment may be required. Please consult with your doctor.

Missed Dosage

The drug dose is missed, then take the drug dose as soon as possible. If next dose time arrived then skip the missed dose and continue the routine schedule. Avoid taking extra dose or 2 dose at one time. Please consult your doctor for further clarification

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Brand Name : <--------------------> Evertor
Category : <--------------------> Anti-Cancer Drugs
Sub Category :<--------------------> Everolimus
Company Name :<--------------------> Biocon Pharma Ltd
Ingeridents(Generic Name) :<--------------------> Everolimus
Dosage Form :<--------------------> 10 tablets
Package :<--------------------> 1x10
Strength :<--------------------> 10mg




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