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Medicine Overview of Hepcinat-Natdac Tablet

Uses of Hepcinat-Natdac Tablet

Hepcinat and Natdac is an direct acting antiviral drug which contain Sofosbuvir 400mg and daclatasvir 60mg as active ingredients Natdac combination with Hepcinat is indicated for the treatment of  chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 1 or 3 infection, with or without ribavirin..

Side effects of Hepcinat-Natdac Tablet

When administrating Hepcinat and Natdac with combination with amiodarone will cause some side effects on heart and seek medical help if you have:


Dyspnea, pain in chest


Serious side effects:

Memory loss and confusion

Severe vertigo

Severe weakness

Common effects:

Pain in head

Feeling tried

How to use Hepcinat-Natdac Tablet

In adult recommended dosage of Hepcinat is 400 mg and Natdac is 60 mg.

Both drugs administrated through orally, once in a day

Given with or without food.

For genotype 1

Hepcinat plus Natdac, without cirrhosis  or with compensated cirrhosis   ( child-pugh A)for 12weeks.

Hepcinat , Natdac and ribavirin combination  is used  for decompensated cirrhosis  (child – pugh B or C) and Posttransplant

For genotype 3

Daclatasvir plus Sofosbuvir without cirrhosis for 12weeks

Hepcinat, Natdac and ribavirin combination used for compensated or decompensated ( child-pugh B or C) cirrhosis and Posttransplant for 12weeks.

      Overdose of Hepcinat and Natdac: No specific antidote available, If overdose occur, patient should be monitor the development of toxicity and supportive and symptomatic care should be monitor. Seek medical emergency or call poison control for immediate treatment.

How to Hepcinat-Natdac Tablet works:

Hepcinat is a nucleotide polymerase inhibitor and includes in direct acting antiviral drug. Hepcinat expose to have a high barrier to the development of resistance and inhibits the hep C NS5B protein. Thereby Hepcinat prevents the enzyme RNA polymerase by the cellular worker who can performs the multiplication process, Hence Hepcinat stops the replication of Hepatitis C  virus and decrease the amount of Hep C virus in liver. Hepcinat also acts to reduce damage in liver and improves function in liver.

Natdac  ia s direct acting antiviral drug which is indicated for the patient affected by hepatitis c virus infection. It will targets the Hep C virus and stops the numerous steps in reproduction process of HCV by the way it interfere with the virus particles from making copies themselves, and  helps the body to remove virus  from the blood.

Absorption:- Administration of Hepcinat was absorbed with peak plasma concentration of obtained at -0.5 to 2 hr post dose and in metabolite GS-331007 peak plasma concentration  obtained between 2 to 4 hrs post dose, where as In Natdac, peak plasma concentration is within 2 hours post dose and bioavailability is 67%

Effect of food: Hepcinat  and the metabolite have no affect with high fat meal. Hence Hepcinat is administrated without food is effective. In Natdac  drug either  taken with food  nor without food.

Distribution: Hepcinat is approx 51-65% bound to human plasma proteins and GS-331007 metabolite has minimal human plasma protein binding. And in Natdac , the plasma protein binding is 99%

Metabolism:  In liver, Hepcinat is broadly metabolized(4% and >90%) to convert into pharmacologically active nucleoside analog triphosphate GS-461203. Natdac metabolism based on the substrate of CYP3A with primry CYP isoform

Elimination:  Mean total recovery of the Hepcinat dose was >92% and involves of approx 80%,14% and 2.5% elimination in urine, feces, expired air. While single dose administration of Natdac, the radioactivity was recovered 88% via feces and 6.6% via urine

Half life of Hepcinat and GS-331007 were 0.4 and 27hrs and Natdac has  half life elimination of 12 to 15 hours .

In Depth Information on Hepcinat-Natdac Tablet:

Expert Advice for Hepcinat-Natdac Tablets

  •  Tell your healthcare providers that you are allergic to daclatasvir , Sofosbuvir or  have any other allergies before using the medicine. It may composed of inactive ingredients, that can  be cause allergic problems or other reaction. Talk to your pharmacist for more details.
  •  Especially if you have kidney disease, liver disease other than hepatitis C, inform your consultant about past medical history before having daclatasvir / sofosbuvir
  • Drugs should given with prescription only, without prescription drugs should not be issued.

Combination of Hepcinat, Natdac and amiodarone may cause bradycardia

Special Warnings of Hepcinat-Natdac Tablets


Alcohol interaction with Hepcinat and Natdac combination is unknown. Please consult with doctor.


Pregnancy category B for Hepcinat and Natdac combination, In all trimester there are no adequate and well tolerated studies in pregnant women, Since animal reproduction trial has no risks and adverse effect to the fetus. But  with ribavirin combination,pregnancy category X cause to birth defect  and death to the fetus. Avoid combination therapy during pregnancy.


Hepcinat – Natdac excreted into human milk is unknown, therefore its recommended that mother should not breast feed during Hepcinat and Natdac combination treatment.


While using Hepcinat and Natdac combination you may get dizziness, weakness and confusion and make tried. So avoid driving until you feeling well. Please consult with doctor


No dosage adjustment recommended with mild , moderate kidney problem and limited information about this drug. So please consult with doctor and inform him before taking Hepcinat  and natdac tablet.


Hepcinat plus Natdac  administration, patients with mild , moderate and severe dysfunstion has no dosage adjustment. Please consult with your doctor.

Missed Dosage

If you missed a dose take it as soon as possible, if time reach for next dose, then skip missed dose and continue regular schedule. Do not take extra or 2 dose at a time. TAKE ADVICE FROM THE DOCTOR.


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